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10 Tips For Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day!

Kids + Mountain Bikes = Fun!1. Save the date
Clear your calendar for a few hours on the first Saturday in October.

2. Find a kid
It's easy! Take your kids. Or take your neighbor's, co-worker's, friend's or relative's kid for a ride! Or contact your local YMCA or other youth group to arrange a ride.
3. If needed, get them bikes and helmets
If you need mountain biking gear and/or helmets for your young mountain bikers, we've got them and can set you up.

4. Select a ride
Be sure to choose a ride that's fun, safe and not too long or difficult. The ideal route will have options where the group can head home or continue for more adventure.

5. Contact your local club & our bike shop
Many IMBA clubs will host National Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day events. Bring some kids to their event and join them for the ride! If you live outside an area holding a ride and you don't want to organize one, consider encouraging your local bike shop to get involved.

6. Be prepared
Bring extra water and food, including a tasty treat for the kids. Don't forget other essentials, such as spare tubes to fix flat tires, a portable pump, tire levers and a multi-tool. Check out IMBA's toolkit page for additional information on how to prepare for the ride.

7. Ride!The goal is to have fun on mountain bikes!
On the day of the big ride, take it easy at first. Match your pace to the slowest rider. Ride safely too. Aim for no more than three kids per adult leader.

8. Have fun
Don't be afraid to goof around! Keep the conversation fun and play a few bike games along the ride.

9. Take photos
Bring along a camera or a phone with one and take some photos on the big day. Then share the stories and photos about your day with parents, community leaders, the local press and IMBA. Be sure to post your photos on IMBA's Facebook page.

10. Make it a tradition
Make every day a Take-a-Kid Day and plan for the first Saturday in October next year to celebrate how Kids+Bikes=FUN!.

The IMBA National Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day celebrates the life of Jack Doub, an avid teenage mountain biker from North Carolina who passed away in 2002.